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About Vita-Plate Marine

Vita-Plate Marine has been serving the Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Kentucky and Indiana markets for over 50 years. We are a wholesale only distributor stocking well over 10,000 sku's from hundreds of suppliers covering all marine dealer needs with a 95%+ fill rate. We market the Vita-Plate private label battery brand to the marine, agriculture and commercial markets. We also pride ourselves on our ability to source special orders quickly and efficiently. We care about the dealer's needs and we are happy to fulfill any special requirements. At Vita-Plate, service is our winning edge. We begin with low pricing, but we know there are more factors that make up your actual cost on an item. We provide services that help to reduce your inventory carrying costs and lower your freight costs. Utilizing our Qwik-Order on-line ordering minimizes your time investment. We even provide pull-thru services that help you increase your sales.

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304 Buckeye Blvd. P.O. Box 727

Port Clinton, OH 43452

1-800-472-4474  FAX: 419-732-3167


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